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World Net Enterprises, Inc.
PatronCheck.com is a division of World Net Enterprises, Inc.

World Net Enterprises, Inc. specializes in online product sales, website design & promotion and a full range of Internet services. Formerly named "Mid Tenn Enterprises", World Net Enterprises, Inc. of Harrison, AR USA was established in June 2003. "WNE" currently offers over 200,000 products on 8 shopping websites, including the Taser Superstore, DefenseProducts101.com, VacSite.com, PetStopPro.com, ShopWNE.com, WNEOptics.com, WNEOnline.com, and WNEOnline.net. WNE also offers a full range of internet products and services, including domain registration, free email services, website hosting, website security certificates and website hacker prevention services. In addition, WNE's website design & promotion division has built and promoted websites for other companies as well. Our newest offerings, both still in beta development, include this website,PatronCheck.com, as well as SpeedyTaxCalculator.com. PatronCheck.com will aid businesses in cutting down on loss due to fraud. Businesses will also be able to report bad, unethical or criminal behavior of customers. SpeedyTaxCalculator.com will be promoted as "the world's fastest federal income tax calculator". Among other benefits, users will be able to calculate how much federal income tax they will owe, or how large their refund will be in as little as 60 seconds. Through this company flagship website WNEOnline.com, World Net Enterprises also offers up to the minute headline news, weather, sports, business news, stock market news, search engine market share reports, and much more!

our history

  • In June of 2003, sole proprietorship David Finley, DBA MidTenn Enterprises was formed in Murfreesboro, TN. The name of the company was changed to World Net Enterprises, after becomeing a Tennessee Partnership, owned and operated by David and Treva Finley. The name was changed again to World Net Enterprises, Inc. in January 2007 after becoming a Tennessee Corporation. The company relocated to Harrison, AR in 2017. For more information about World Net Enterprises, Inc. visit our company flagship website, WNEOnline.com.


    World Net Enterprises, Inc.

    Committed to Excellence

    World Net Enterprises, Inc. strives to satisfy customers by meeting their demands of quality, responsiveness, and competitive pricing. We will accomplish the following by conducting business with integrity, while seeking profitability and the gratification of a job well done.

    • Deliver flawless quality products and services at competitive prices

    • Be timely, responsive & predictable in the products and services we deliver

    • Configure all processes for optimum performance

    • Contribute to society as an active corporate citizen

    • Be committed to excellence in the results we achieve and how we achieve them



PatronCheck.com's primary function is to aid businesses, as well as individuals in cutting down on loss due to fraud. Know who you are doing business with before making the deal! Our regular search results far surpasses all other people search websites, by tapping into our vast database of information that covers more than 30 years of history of over 91% of individuals and businesses in the Unites States and Canada. Also ecommerce shopping sites can screen internet and mail orders for fraud with our "ID Verify" tool. We will validate over 25 different order data elements, including verifying names associated with addresses, analyzing IP addresses and more! Members also report possible fraudulent behavior connected to addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

  • REGULAR SEARCH: Search for people, reverse phone and address lookup and search for businesses.

  • SCREEN INTERNET ORDERS: "ID Verify" cuts down the time you spend screening your order for fraud by 90%.

  • SEARCH FRAUD DATABASE: Our business members report addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, after suffering losses as a result of charge disputes.

  • REPORT FRAUD: After shipping an order, if you have suffered a loss, flag the shipping address, phone and email address associated with the order.

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